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Crudesco is part of a group of companies specialized in water and solid waste management. Having over 165 years of experience in waste solutions and technologies we offer unique concepts with a focus on sustainability and nature friendly solutions.

Businesses are divided in:
- Recycling and composting of solid waste
- Design, manufacturing and/or supply of (custom) waste bins
- Aerobic waste water treatment
- Trading

With offices located in Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East, we understand the local environment, culture and business of our clients perfectly. Our diverse staff is able to offer customized, regional solutions solving most complex waste issues.

Many solutions offered are unique and dedicated to deliver excellence, with a focus on cost-effective and environmental friendliness. This is strengthened by a proven track record and professional experts.

Besides improving business needs, we also stay ahead of competition. Technology improvements and R&D is very important within our group. Environmental friendly solutions developed for decades helps to improve our nature where possible.
Whether you need better treatment of waste water in small villages or municipal solid waste disposal solutions that do not harm nature. We shall always offer workable, economical and the most environmental friendly solutions only.

A cohesive strategy and unique culture demonstrates Crudesco’s excellence, integrity and commitment can go along with your success and growth.


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